Dream Sessions, 4 hours

Dream Sessions (4 hours) activate the deep perception and healing dimension of your natural awareness. This part of you is uniquely personal and creative. Dream sessions help you to gain insight and a larger perspective of yourself, give you creative ideas, influence your dreams to be more positive and healing, and nurture more loving and compassionate connection with yourself and others. These Dream Sessions help you to understand your dreams, recurring dreams, or nightmares. You will discover the healing messages within even the most difficult dreams and symbols. You will also gain the tools to explore your dreams and find the gift offered in each symbol. Jenny Davidow is a highly skilled hypnotherapist and coach with over thirty years of experience giving gentle guidance to countless clients, to help them understand their dreams and experience their transformative and healing power. Visit www.nightnmarerelief.wordpress.com for her articles on recurring dreams and using dreams to discover your deeper self. Also visit www.JennyDavidow.com for an excerpt of Jenny's book and more articles.
soul journeys and the mythic diminsion
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